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Unique Garden Centre & Landscaping in Regina offers a wide variety of plants and other gardening products to complete your home or commercial landscaping elements. From small window sill flower containers to public nature preserves and anything in between, we have everything you need in our garden centre.

Our Services

For the convenience of our customers, we offer daily delivery to addresses within the city. Delivery rates are based on a quantity of goods that can be safely loaded within a half-ton truck and vary if the per piece weight requires one or two people to load and un-load. Please contact us for further details, 306-777-0190.

Perhaps you’ve recently moved to a new home & garden, or you’ve seen it on a walk, or its been growing in your yard and none of your friends knows its name. Is it a weed or a great prize? Our experienced sales staff may be the answer. Bring in a clipping, including, if possible, the flower, or fruit, or seed and we’ll help you identify it. But, please remember to ask permission to collect a sample if its not on your property. For our hours & location click here.

Though it may be possible to correctly identify a plant health concern over the phone, we highly recommend that you bring a small sample of the problem, safely sealed in a plastic bag, into our Garden Centre for our staff to more accurately identify the pest or disease and offer advice on the best control measures. For our hours & location click here.

Custom-designed, individualized Container Gardens made to the customer’s specifications and colour preferences and planted by talented designers. Bring in your favourite container or choose from our extensive collection.

Unique Garden Centre & Landscaping, as our parent company, has been providing excellent residential, commercial & public landscape design and implementation to Regina and southern Saskatchewan since 1974. Our landscape designers will meet with you on-site or as an in-office appointment to discuss your interests and needs to create the ideal landscape for your home. Completed designs in a scaled format will include all details, from placement and type of plants, to positions of decks, patios, walkways and other features suggested to enhance your property.

For further details or to book an appointment with one of our landscape designers, contact Unique Garden Centre & Landscaping , 306-777-0186 or email us at

Our Products

Prairie Hardy plant varieties are our special passion. From the farm yard favourites that have stood the test of time, to the newest introductions available from Canadian growers. If you’re new to the prairies or new to gardening you will be wonderfully surprised at the large selection of perennial, shrub, tree, evergreen & fruit bearing plant varieties which we offer. We are so confidant in the quality and hardiness of our selection that we are proud to offer a two year guarantee on our nursery stock.

At Unique Garden Centre & Landscaping you will discover an extensive selection of superior plants that have proven themselves worthy of our Prairie climate and will provide enduring beauty and function to your landscape. Our sales staff will guide you in making the right plant choice for all your situations, and Unique provides a TWO YEAR GUARANTEE to assure you of our commitment to quality. Click below for more information on trees, shrubs and evergreens.

Undoubtedly, this is the group of plants which has experienced an explosion in the number of species and cultivars now readily available. We offer over 200 species alone, and more cultivars than we can keep count of. Perennials can fit wet spots, dry spots, sun or shade. They can be over 5 feet or tiny enough to walk on. They can add colour, texture, fragrance, movement and permanence to your garden. How can we say no! See us for your Heritage Perennials and Canada’s Finest premium perennial varieties.

Colour is what annuals are about. Whether it’s for your patio pots, hanging baskets, vegetables for the garden, or adding a new look to your perennial and shrub borders, annuals are an excellent way to experiment with new ideas. We work hard to find the best quality and selection from Saskatchewan growers, but we also look far a field for the new & unusual. From starter, multi-pack sizes to custom designed planters ready for your front step, visit with our staff to find your old and “new” favourites.

From late April to July we offer an extensive selection of annuals and perennials in small pots that are perfect for planting in hanging baskets and patio containers. Here is the opportunity to experiment with those combinations of colour, texture and form you’ve been dreaming of, without devoting large amounts of time, space or effort. See us for your Proven Winners, Proven Selections, and the newest introductions from breeders worldwide.

A water feature creates a focal point for any gardening setting, with shimmering reflections, flashes of light and sounds of nature at work. Whether moving or not, the water attracts you to it. Unique Garden Centre & Landscaping offers a wide selection of plants to enhance your container water garden, your stream or bog garden, or your pond. Due to the challenges of our regional climate our water plant selection generally becomes available May 15th, contact us for further information.

Looking for that certain “thing-a-ma-jiggy to make your gardening easier? We have a great selection of long, short and hand tools for your lawn and garden needs.

Our selection of garden accents are perfect for enhancing the beauty of your paradise. Benches, fountains, birdbaths, arbors, statuary, and stepping-stones are just the beginning. That perfect gift for you or others is just a browse away. One of our favourite sources for concrete choices is Cast Art Studios.

Looking for that trendy new colour or glaze? Tend toward the traditional and classic terra cotta? Or is your garden a rustic retreat? Whether your taste is ceramic, clay, metal, wood or plastic our choices are sure to excite and inspire you in your container planting.

We offer Pickseed Grass seed in several blends, and are happy to accommodate custom order requirements for those larger areas and specialty needs.

We are pleased to offer the fine selections of vegetable, annual and perennial seeds from Burpee Seeds and McKenzie Seeds. Our spring planted bulb selection presents over 30 species, including prairie hardy and tender annual varieties that will add an extra dimension to your pots, flower beds, mixed borders, and vegetable gardens. “Back to School” means our Fall Bulbs have arrived: tulips, daffodil, allium, crocus, muscari, scilla and more!

“Soil is the soul of the garden.” Whether it’s for your garden, patio pots, or indoor plants we have the soil mix that will be right for your situation and ensure the best results from your plants.

Unique Garden Centre & Landscaping offers a complete line of fertilizer choices, including organic, slow-release, granular and water soluble forms to cover all your indoor, vegetable, flower, water plant, tree, shrub and lawn needs.

We also carry the pest control products you need to keep your trees, shrubs, flowers, and entire garden healthy. These include chemical pesticides and natural pest deterrents. We have specialized formulas that will work for virtually any plant species. Our garden centre experts can also recommend planting and pruning techniques that will minimize or eliminate any type of pest.

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