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Let us help grow your dream garden.

Trees, Shrubs, and Evergreens

At Unique Garden Centre & Landscaping you will discover an extensive selection of superior plants that have proven themselves worthy of our Prairie climate and will provide enduring beauty and function to your landscape. Our sales staff will guide you in making the right plant choice for all your situations, and Unique provides a TWO YEAR GUARANTEE to assure you of our commitment to quality. Click below for more information on trees, shrubs and evergreens.

Garden Products and Services in Regina

Unique Garden Centre & Landscaping in Regina offers a wide variety of plants and other gardening products to complete your home or commercial landscaping elements. From small window sill flower containers to public nature preserves and anything in between, we have everything you need in our garden centre.

Curbside Pick-up & Delivery Service

For the convenience of our customers, we offer daily delivery to addresses within the city. Delivery rates are based on a quantity of goods that can be safely loaded within a half-ton truck and vary if the per piece weight requires one or two people to load and un-load.

  • Delivery within Regina with purchases under $500 – $45
  • Delivery within Regina with purchases over $500 – Free (some restrictions may apply with large orders)

Please contact us for further details, 306-777-0190.

Free Plant Identification

Perhaps you’ve recently moved to a new home & garden, or you’ve seen it on a walk, or its been growing in your yard and none of your friends knows its name. Is it a weed or a great prize? Our experienced sales staff may be the answer. Bring in a clipping, including, if possible, the flower, or fruit, or seed and we’ll help you identify it. But, please remember to ask permission to collect a sample if it’s not on your property. For our hours & location click here.

Free Plant Problem Identification

Though it may be possible to correctly identify a plant health concern over the phone, we highly recommend that you bring a small sample of the problem, safely sealed in a plastic bag, into our Garden Centre for our staff to more accurately identify the pest or disease and offer advice on the best control measures. For our hours & location click here.

Create Your Dream Garden In A Pot

Custom-designed, individualized Container Gardens made to the customer’s specifications and colour preferences and planted by talented designers. Bring in your favourite container or choose from our extensive collection.

Landscape Design and Installation

Our landscape designers will meet with you on-site or as an in-office appointment to discuss your interests and needs to create the ideal landscape for your home. Completed designs in a scaled format will include all details, from placement and type of plants, to positions of decks, patios, walkways and other features suggested to enhance your property.

For further details or to book an appointment with one of our landscape designers, contact Unique Garden Centre & Landscaping , 306-777-0190 or email us at info@uniquegardencentre.com

Didn't You Know?

We Offer 2-Year Guarantee!

Should any of your tree and/or shrubs fail to live within two years from the date of purchase, Unique will credit you 100% of your original purchase!